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server - Wiktionary.
Declension of server. indefinite articulation definite articulation indefinite articulation definite articulation. nominative/accusative un server. genitive/dative unui server. Further reading edit. server in DEX online - Dicționare ale limbii române Dictionaries of the Romanian language. computing a server. Declension of server.
What is a Server?
For example, with a web server, a user could connect to the server to view a website, search, and communicate with other users on the network. An Internet server works the same way as a local network server, but on a much larger scale.
What Is a Server?
FTP servers are accessible remotely using FTP client programs, which connect to the file share on the server, either through the server's' built-in FTP capabilities or with a dedicated FTP server program. Identity Server: Identity servers support logins and security roles for authorized users.
Server computing - Wikipedia.
A client process may run on the same device or may connect over a network to a server on a different device. 1 Typical servers are database servers, file servers, mail servers, print servers, web servers, game servers, and application servers.

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